A Herbert Snabble Mystery
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The Stolen Ring introduces Private Detective Herbert Snabble. During the action packed case, Herb encounters an assortment of characters. From the streets of Milwaukee, Jive Eddy, Luscious Lola, the masseuse, channel eight consumer reporter, Ashley Dblonde and Fats Hanner all provide clues. Herb’s best friend Franky, the second shift manager and sandwich maker at The Open Salami Convenience Food Store and Franky’s girlfriend, Becky the Bookmobile Driver give Herb valuable inside information and also attempt to find him dates. From Herb’s West Milwaukee bachelor pad, to the Shotz Brewery, the Single’s Food market and to an assortment of bars, this is a one of a kind book that combines its own brand of intrigue, humor and fun.

The case begins when Philip Shotz, the Milwaukee brewery tycoon who is from one of the cities foremost families, is robbed of money and jewelry while having a one-time affair with a sexpot flight attendant. Shotz knows if he reports the crime to the police, a scandal will ensue. Two days later while shopping for perch, he finds the Herbert Snabble Private Detective Agency, on the second floor above The Mitchell Street Fish Market. Herb Snabble is hired to find a cherished stolen ring.

Herb begins his investigation in downtown Milwaukee and it ends in the rain forest jungles of South America. In between, he is beat up a few times, shot at, drugged, dates the flight attendant from the robbery, learns there was a transmitter inside the stolen ring, wins a trip to Octoberfest in Germany and bowls three games to practice for a big match against Victor’s AAA Plumbing.

From the Author of
  The Tom Letters
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